Over the last two decades we have understood various industries and perfected the art of storytelling. This knowledge has been fine tuned for each industry and today we are at a point where we offer comprehensive solutions for multiple sectors.


We work with over twenty brands in the education sector and help them to not only widen their bandwidth in the public domain but also to get applicants of a high quality. Our brand building strategy is centered on this objective.


While focusing on attracting the best talent, technology companies in India offer a glimpse of their competencies to make talents aware of what they could build their careers upon.. HR, PR and Tech-PR are our core offerings here.


We believe that consumers of healthcare services have to be educated on preventive health care. This is essential for them to ensure that they take care of themselves and stay healthy. We have always demonstrated where our clients have an edge in terms of educating the target audience on preventive health care and how they have made advanced strategic interventions to effectively deal with the health upkeep of consumers.


We have a unique model where you create a personality for the startup brands and ensure that the ecosystem knows them. We then communicate the purpose of their existence and make the soil fertile for their business to flourish.


Innovation is a constant in the sector and we are always at the forefront of showcasing how our clients are the leaders when it comes to product, outreach and marketing novelties. Through our strategically customized approach, we have always ensured that these innovations have made the headlines.